Seating for your visitors or meetings in all its forms

Classic or modern, comfort and design

To inspire you, we present a selection of chairs to welcome your visitors or to furnish your restaurant. The combinations of colours, shapes, sizes, prices and standing are endless, so don't hesitate to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom in Auderghem or to contact us. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.
Chaise réunion Giroflex 161 lugerésille bleu accoudoirs


The new Giroflex 161 cantilever visitor's chair combines versatility and elegance and is suitable for any environment. The ideal chair for any application, it can be used in a wide range of interior spaces.

Découvrir  G161-6003

Découvrir  G161-6203

Découvrir G161-6403

chaise réunion luge accoudoirs résille tissu noir chrome Z-body


Chair with cantilever base and integrated armrests. Seat covered in fabric, imitation leather or leather, backrest in black mesh. Chrome-plated tubular frame. Anti-tilt glides.
Stackable in 3 pieces. To coordinate with the SAIL chair.


chaise réunion luge Sail 5 dossier resille accoudoirs


Sail visitor chair. Four-legged base, cantilever or conference height adjustable. Mesh backrest on comfort joints. V-shaped armrests with plastic cover. Epoxy aluminium or chrome frame.

Découvrir SAIL5 4LA

Découvrir SAIL5 CFA

Découvrir SAIL5 CONF

chaise réunion Artifort shark luge ou 4 piedss


SHARK is a model that earned its name because its profile resembled that of the dreaded predator.
Yet you have nothing to fear from this shark. Quite the opposite, in fact.
It's an extremely comfortable chair. It's sturdy and offers extra back support.
An ideal chair for a long evening around the table or for a productive meeting.
Design: René HOLTEN

chaise baltic soft 4 pieds tissu jaune


With Baltic, Krystian Kowalski has created a shell chair with innovative aesthetics and comfort. The upholstered backrest and draped cushion are reminiscent of bucket seats. Enveloping the user, they provide a feeling of well-being for a most enjoyable experience.


chaise réunion Numo Comfort Aeris luge

NUMO visitor

Thanks to its special kinematics, this designer chair adapts perfectly to body movements, offering optimum seating comfort.


chaise réunion little tulipe Artifort 4 pieds ou base ronde

Little Tulip

As if Pierre Paulin had foreseen Flower Power, Tulip unfolds its semi-open petals, both welcoming and warm.


chaise réunion Beso Artifort pied étoile tissu vvert olive


Beso, which means "kiss" in Spanish, is a range of highly versatile and elegant chairs created by designer Khodi Feiz. The concept of lightness, flexibility and comfort is what strikes you about this design. The Beso collection includes a Beso chair, a Beso Lounge chair, a Beso bar stool and a Beso table.


chaise réunion Jima Artifort 4 branches tissus gris bleu


Form, function, comfort and detail - these are the hallmarks of the Jima chair by French designer Patrick Norguet. An expressive chair with clean lines that can be adapted to a variety of environments, from the office to the home.
Jima is available with a high or low back, and a choice of four different bases.


chaise réunion 4 pieds VARYA Inclass couleurs 4 pieds


Designed by Simon Pengelly, the VARYA collection is a truly transversal and functional family of chairs that easily crosses the boundary between public and domestic spaces.


chaise réunion Varya tapiz Inclass 4 pieds, 4 pieds bois accoudoirs


The VARYA TAPIZ collection brings together all the upholstered versions of the VARYA family, while retaining the same timeless, transversal spirit that characterises the collection with plastic seats. With its many versions, the collection is configured as one of the largest and most complete ranges on the market. A broad family of chairs, armchairs, stools and benches created by combining comfortable seats, available in three different upholstery styles: smooth, soft or with horizontal stitching, with a wide range of bases.


chaise réunion UNNIA Inclass 4 pieds coussins d'assise


Designed by Simon Pengelly, UNNIA is a vast collection of chairs, armchairs, stools and beams, revealing a unique concept of colour and finish combinations. Its design allows you to combine plastic or upholstered seats and backs, in one or two colours, with a wide choice of bases with different functionalities. This makes it possible to create countless personalised designs to suit a wide range of contexts, spaces and decors. The UNNIA collection has been awarded the Design Guild Mark for international design excellence.


chaise réunion ARYN Inclass Pieds luges empilables


Designed by Jonathan Prestwich, ARYN is a versatile chair collection that easily crosses the boundaries between domestic and professional spaces. A contemporary, graceful and fresh cross-sectional design that balances form and function while captivating from every perspective. Designed to maximise comfort, ARYN chairs are available with two backrest sizes to choose from, as well as a choice of four-leg structures or rod legs.


chaise réunion léa Inclass 4 pieds


LEA is a collection of chairs and stools with an identity marked by its pure, light yet strong and unique silhouette. The curved shape of the backrest makes it both comfortable and recognisable. The family is made up of chairs and stools available in two heights. Chairs and stools can be stacked for greater functionality.


chaise réunion ARUM Inclass 4 pieds accoudoirs couleurs


ARUM is an iconic armchair designed for cross-disciplinary use in a wide variety of contexts. A unique armchair with elegant curves, lightness and comfort. The enveloping backrest is pleasant to the touch, fluid and ergonomic, while the seat has smooth shapes like a river stone. The frame is made of steel and the seat and back are in polypropylene.


chaise réunion pied étoile NOT True Design


Much more than a table: a living space that transforms into a kitchen and a place for conviviality, becoming the beating heart of domestic and professional life. The place to share, think, work... and eat.


chaise réunion Leon CASAL Luge accoudoirs tissu bleu


A very comfortable armchair thanks to its cantilever structure
22 x 3 mm tube frame / Stackable up to 4 chairs / Deluxe version with elastics in the middle of the seat for optimal comfort / Wide choice of armrests: polyamide, various solid woods or leather / Many fabrics available / Frame fastening without visible screws / Smooth and neat weldings / High quality finish with the possibility of upholstering in 2 fabric colours (Deluxe)
chaise réunion pieds étoile, 4 pieds bois Binar Inclass


Refined design, versatility and comfort are the watchwords of BINAR 60. A complete family of armchairs designed to fit easily into a variety of contexts and spaces while retaining a common aesthetic. The chairs are available in two backrest sizes and can be fitted with a wide range of bases with different functionalities.


chaise réunion STICKempilable cantilever luge accoudoirs résille ATK ICF

atk Cantilever

Stick Chair on a cantilever base is a chair with a classic, simple, international design and a focus on comfort.


chaise réunion STICK ICF STK empilable résille luge

Stick STK

With its simple, essential lines, Stick Chair Skid Base is a perfect synthesis of the qualities of the modern multifunctional chair, combining practicality and functionality with a successful aesthetic.


chaise réunion UNA ICF étoile 4 branches cuir blanc aluminium poli chrome


Una Chair is a seating system that interprets the great tradition of historical design in a flexible and modern way. The lines and shapes developed during the original creative period have become the reference elements of today.


chaise réunion GAS-STUA polypropylène 4 pieds noire

GAS 4 feet

This chair by STUA is available in different finishes. Four-legged base, five-star base on glides or castors. Seat and backrest in polypropylene or upholstered in fabric or eco-leather or mesh backrest, upholstered seat. Black, white or chrome frame. In 4-leg version, stackable up to 8-high.

chaise réunion GAS-STUA retour automatique chrome tissu gris

GAS on 4-star base

Chair available in different finishes. 4-star base on glides. Seat and back in polypropylene or seat and back upholstered in fabric or eco-leather or mesh back, upholstered seat. Black, white or chrome frame.

chaise réunion GAS-STUA Task chair 5 branche roulettes accoudoirs chrome cuir noir


Chair available in different finishes. 5-star base on castors. Seat and back in polypropylene or seat and back upholstered in fabric or eco-leather or mesh back, upholstered seat. Black, white or chrome frame.

chaise réunion pliante compact AXA CASALA rangement sur chariot

axa chair

The Axa folding chair combines great functionality with unrivalled seating comfort. Thanks to the pre-shaped seat and backrest, you'll always be sitting comfortably. This makes Axa the ideal chair for all long-term events. Axa folding chairs are quick and easy to set up in any configuration.

Practical, useful and solid.


axa trolley

The axa chair is foldable and can easily be stored on a removable trolley.


chaise réunion NOOR RBM coque polypropylène, caocue bois, pieds bois pieds luge tabouret


The RBM Noor is available in a wide range of designs with four legs, cantilever legs or four wooden legs. It reflects the timeless spirit of Scandinavian design through its simplicity and functionality - making it an ideal all-rounder. A chair for every environment - work spaces, study areas and even your own home.


RBM NOOR Sledge base

RBM NOOR Wood legs

RBM NOOR 5 wheels

cahise réunion CURVY CASALA tablette écritoire


With its slender steel wire frame, Curvy lends an elegant, transparent atmosphere to any space. But that's not all: Curvy is also highly functional. Stackable, easy to hang and available in a wide range of versions, Curvy can fit in anywhere. Depending on the model, Curvy can be stacked up to 45 high on a trolley. As a result, Curvy requires very little storage space.


chaise réunion CELA HAG 4 pieds bascant empilable


A real nod to the classic school chair. Configurable in a range of finishes. Practical, useful and solid.


chaise réunionOMEGA CASALA avec ou sans accouroirs piétement luge PET


Omega is a range of elegant, comfortable chairs, recognisable by their slender shells made from recycled PET felt, combined with a lightweight steel frame.

Trendy or classic, it will always blend in with its surroundings.


chaise réunion binar executive Inclass haut dossier synchrone


Designed for executive offices and meeting rooms, BINAR EXECUTIVE chairs harmoniously combine elegance, timeless modernity and ergonomics. The collection stands out for its great comfort, its enveloping shapes and its exclusive upholstery. The chairs are available in two backrest heights and can be upholstered in all the selected leathers and fabrics in the INCLASS.


chaise réunion creed HAg accoudoirs tissu vert structure aluminium In-Balance

Creed Communication 6071 

The HÅG Creed Communication 6071 chair has a fully upholstered medium-height backrest. The cantilever base is available in two colours: black or silver. HÅG's inBalance® technology ensures more subconscious movement. Black or silver painted aluminium armrests are available as an option. Glides for hard or soft floors must be specified when ordering.


chaise réunion Tribute communication HAG accoudoirs cuir gris In-Balance

Tribute communication

A sumptuous meeting chair that offers ease of use and excellent freedom of movement. It incorporates the unique HÅG in Balance® technology, which allows you to tilt back and forth smoothly. The curved backrest follows the shape of your back and reduces tension in the trapezius, shoulders and neck. The active top of the backrest follows your movements and supports you when you lean back. The fully integrated lumbar support is easy to customise. Optional HÅG TiltDown™ armrests. Seat height can be adjusted.


chaise réunion FUTU MESH COMMUNICATION pied 4 branches aluminium poli dossier mesh résille tissu futuknit noir

FUTU Communication

 The HÅG Futu mesh Communication 1102 can be used in meeting rooms or as a visitor chair. It has a semi-transparent mesh backrest that keeps your back aired through constant ventilation. It features the HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, which keeps you moving in a balanced manner. Easy adjustment of seat height, seat depth. The uniquely designed FutuKnit ™ mesh fabric has been developed to retain its firmness, with 7 colours available.


chaise réunion empilable CAVER CASALA tablette écritoire amovible


The Carver chair is resolutely easy to live with. The grab handle in the back makes it quick and easy to set up in rows or stack up to 25 chairs. This makes it the perfect chair for catering halls, training centres and multi-purpose rooms. Carver is the ideal solution for spaces with multiple configurations and a contemporary look.


chaise réunion CENTURO CASALA coque en bois pieds luge


In designing Centuro, Andreas Ostwald was inspired by the shape of a tulip. Past and present come together perfectly here. Casala is now a Dutch company with a rich German history. It is with undisguised pride that we present the Centuro model, entirely dedicated to our centena


chaise réunion Conventio Wing Hag 4 pieds In-balance couleur


The HÅG Conventio Wing chair is designed specifically for meetings and conferences, just like the HÅG Conventio model. Sharing the same tilting mechanism, it allows great freedom of movement while seated. Its lightness and robustness mean that rows of seats can be set up quickly and efficiently.


chaise réunion AS Howe 4 branches sur roulettes assise basculante rangement facile

AS CHAIR and Armchair

AS100 is a swivel chair offering unrivalled mobility and flexibility thanks to its patented horizontal stacking capability (nesting) and its castor base. It has classic, elegant lines while optimising space for use and storage. One person can nest it and move it around the aisle, storage room or lift

With the AS100 chairs and AS400 + AS500 tables, you can transform a workspace into a conference room or dining room and vice versa in a matter of moments - with unrivalled ease of reorganisation.


chaise réunion CALMA Andreu world moyen et haut dossier coque tissu ou bois


New ways of working, new ways of sitting
Calma, designed to enhance the experience throughout the working day, is aimed at businesses and individuals alike. Calma is inspired by the idea of creating a welcoming work chair, a calming presence in the often stressful environment of the workplace. Its lines envelop the user for greater comfort and tranquillity. This collection offers five different types of backrest and is available with a 5-wheel or 4-wheel base.


chaise réunion Alba ICF bas moyen haut dossier


Alba is an elegant, fully-upholstered chair designed for countless applications in offices, meeting and conference rooms and reception areas. Its originality lies in its perfectly balanced proportions, the result of perfect mastery of manufacturing techniques. Everything is thought out in detail: an ideal, balanced mix that makes this chair the most accomplished expression of versatility.


chaise réunion SIXE HOWe 4 pieds coque plastique PET


Whichever way you look at it, SixE is a perfectly bold initiative, shaking up the rules of comfort for a simple polypropylene shell chair.

Recognised simplicity. Ergonomic, efficient, elegant, ecological, economical and easy to handle: these six ‘E's’ sum up the SixE chair, designed to be the most efficient, robust and durable stacking shell chair available.


chaise réunion Fender True Design 4 branches blanc roulettes


The emblematic Fender armrest has given rise to a range of armchairs, small armchairs and seats.

Small, compact, enveloping and comfortable.
Steel structures wrapped in soft polyurethane foam, perfect for correct posture and comfort over time, covered in precious or technical fabrics.
No limits to style and applications. 


chaise réunion ACOS PRO Luge accoudoirs tissu bleu


A return to the classics, characterised in this case by orderly geometry and confidently drawn lines. Stability is ensured by a wide, comfortable seat and adequate back support. This chair is suitable for almost any space, from conference rooms to offices and lobbies.


chaise réunion Kontea Kastel bas moyen haut dossier basculant 5 branches roulettes


The Kontea range of executive chairs is part of the Kastel executive chair collection. Kastel executive chairs are characterised by their upholstery, either smooth or with linear stitching, and by their single- or two-tone covers. Versions are available in fixed or gas swivel versions, or with a self-adjusting syncron mechanism with depth adjustment built into the seat. The range is completed by visitor versions with a 4-star aluminium swivel base.



Kross. A polypropylene chair with a wide range of customisation options, available in fixed, swivel, stool and beam versions. Available in five colours, with different backrest and seat coverings, the shell and frame are also available in recycled technopolymer that complies with CAM (minimum environmental criteria). Lively and contemporary, Kross blends harmoniously and naturally into the world of work and leisure. Always Kross, always perfect.


Highframe - Alberto Meda
Stackable chair with or without armrests

Small stacking chair with or without armrests, with frame made of extruded aluminium profile and cast aluminium elements. Seat and backrest in fire-retardant polyester mesh, Serge Ferrari® imitation leather, Camira®, Reviva® or Kvadrat® fabric or Pelle Frau® leather. 



La collection Phoenix représente lumineusement la philosophie Lifecircle qui est l'âme d'Offecct. Chaque pièce est soigneusement conçue, réfléchie et fabriquée en vue d'un cycle de vie long, durable et flexible. Le fruit de ce processus de développement est une chaise d'une élégance originale et d'une intemporalité contemporaine.

Cadre en bois stratifié avec mousse à froid. Rembourrage en tissu ou en cuir, cuir standard Elmo Soft. Piétement en 4 options différentes. Deux piétements pivotants à 4 branches en laqué blanc ou noir, un piétement inclinable réglable en hauteur en laqué blanc avec roulettes blanches, 4 pieds alternatifs en laqué gris.



La chaise HÅG SoFi Communication 7502 est une chaise de salle de réunion qui vous offre les avantages de la ventilation d'un dossier respirant et transparent. La technologie HÅG in Balance® garantit des mouvements plus subconscients. La hauteur et la profondeur d'assise sont facilement réglables pour s'adapter à chaque utilisateur.
Les données environnementales indiquées s'appliquent au modèle en plastique recyclé noir (PP).