ergonomic accessories

Adopt these accessories to improve your working conditions. Don't hesitate to make an appointment to visit our showroom in Auderghem or at contact us if you cannot find the item you are looking for. We promise to search and get back to you as soon as possible.
accessoire ergonomique quick step repose pieds basculant dynamique

Quick Step

It offers extra floor height, which is much better than fixed footrests.

HÅG Quickstep improves circulation and encourages coordinated movements.

It allows muscles to stretch while the soles of the feet enjoy a pleasant massage.


accessoire ergonomique muvmat tapis anti fatigue aide au travail debout


Standing on a hard floor is hard work for your body after only a short time. To make standing work more pleasant for you, we developed the Aeris Muvmat. This special anti-fatigue mat is not only the perfect addition to your height-adjustable desk, but also to any other workplace where you have to stand for long periods of time. The 3D topographical structure in the floor mat activates the reflex zones in the feet, relaxes the muscles and keeps the body moving: just like walking on the forest floor.

Thanks to its extremely hard-wearing top layer, our anti-fatigue mat can be used with shoes - but it is also perfect for fans who walk barefoot. Besides the office workplace, you can also use the clean walking mat in production, in the laboratory and at home. Just anywhere you work standing up.


accessoire ergonomique bento table ajustable

Bento® table

Designed for activity-oriented work environments, the Bento Laptop Table works and looks great almost anywhere. With its small size and big personality, the Bento Laptop Table is a perfect addition to any workplace.


accessoire ergonomique table meseta bois fenix stua


MESETA means ‘tray’ in Spanish, a resounding name for this new 66 cm high occasional table.
A table with two perfect surfaces that lets you work in any armchair or sofa. The special thing about Meseta is that, thanks to its design, it can be set up parallel or perpendicular.

Design: Jon Gasca


accessoire ergonomique desktop locker bento noir blanc pour bureau assis-debout

Desktop locker

The innovative Bento® desk locker is the contemporary successor to the classic pedestal, redesigned for activity-based, modern working environments. Store your belongings in this beautifully designed personal locker that moves with your sitting/standing workspace. Everything is within easy reach and, when you're not at your desk, you can store it safely in the lockable, soft-close drawer. The coat hook keeps your rucksack or briefcase off the floor and, thanks to the optional USB-A+C charger, your devices stay charged and ready to use.


accessoire ergonomique tiroir personnel blanc noir fermeture clé bureau assis debout

Personal drawer


accessoire ergonomique tiroir rotatif pour bureau assis-debout

rotary drawer


The spacious Hotbox 1 is the ideal portable storage companion, making it easy to get organised wherever you are. With dedicated space for all your essentials - like a coffee mug, pens, stickers and snacks - you can set up and start working in half the time.



The Hotbox 4 is the most adaptable desk storage to date, taking lightweight organisation to the next level. With a handle that transforms into a laptop stand in a jiffy, and a host of other practical organisational features, it's a highly thought-through ergonomic design that makes working anywhere effortless and comfortable.



Individual box NWOW

Plastic case with two pen holders, a business card holder and a notebook holder. Optional cover, strap and waterproof cover.



Ideal for working on the move. Can be attached to an organisation bar or desk. Also possible with a caddy.



Ideal backpack for the NWOW

Backpack with organisation compartments and optional accessories.
2 versions in grey or charcoal.