executive desk

a touch of luxury

To inspire you, we present a selection of executive office furniture. The combinations of colours, shapes, ergonomics and standing are countless, so don't hesitate to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom in Auderghem or to  contact us for the design of your workspace. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.
bureau direction star Renz chrome chêne


Star is a complete office program that enables the realisation of complex projects using consistent design concepts and materials. Functional and of high quality, the veneered or lacquered tops are available in various sizes and shapes.

bureau direction friday blanc caisson portant grande taille


Imagine a desk that can offer you both sound and light.

Friday is a range of desks with operating platforms, integrating the ergonomic, technological and sensory aspects that define the working environment for an exceptional office. 


bureau direction sono renz armoire porteuse grand plateau placage


Modularity is the basic design principle of the Sono range. The containers are grouped as desired, forming a practical unit for storage and seamless integration of the latest modern communication technologies.

bureau direction slide renz fenix placage


For greater design freedom. Different materials, inspiring colours and shapes - Slide offers
everything you need for personalised, high-quality furnishings in practices, offices or home offices. As a simple workstation or integrated into the home. The constant design element is the U-profile of the table legs.

bureau direction Han Martex plateau en verre placage


With Han it is possible to create stationary work areas in compact offices, making it possible to organise and personalise the workstation in an efficient way, where everything is within easy reach.

bureau direction kyo martex plateau ajustable en hauteur crédence


KYO provides a wide variety of materials: from wood to lacquer, glass, leather, cement to more special materials, on request, such as sandstone or marble.
The client who chooses Kyo will have a personalised office based on his or her functional and aesthetic requirements.

bureau direction compact fraidy ultom blanc


Imagine an office that can provide both sound and light in a small space.

Friday short is a range of desks with operating platforms, integrating the ergonomic, technological and sensory aspects that define the working environment for an exceptional office.


bureau direction anyware management martex placage décor bois verre

anyware management

The distinctive sign of Anyware desks identifies and makes incomparable the solutions dedicated to directional targets.

bureau direction mito MDD sur armoire crédence


Elegant, prestigious and affordable executive furniture. With its new 3D structure technique, the finish of mito furniture looks and feels like solid wood. mito desks are also available as electrically height-adjustable desks.


bureau direction rail bralco pieds bois plateaux bois verre marbre


Executive desk also available with glass top

bureau direction rail bralco plateau verre pieds bois

Rail glass

Rail collection with glass top. The shiny chrome-plated steel beams, whose wooden core is visible, give the glass top its transparent lightness.

bureau direction metar bralco plateau portan blanc


A truly personal object is one that expresses its own personality. It's the piece of furniture that you've always liked and that you love completely, as if it had been made to measure for you. Every product in the Metar range is made to be lived.

bureau direction dakar portant pieds chromes


A new directional line with an airy design that makes its lightness its distinctive image. The warm finishes of its components give this range a touch of class that sets it apart. The tapered legs in white, chrome and anthracite combine with a range of top finishes, including the new dark oak.


bureau direction décor bois


VIGO is a directional furnishing system designed to give a decisive and distinctive personality to office spaces, a professional habitat characterised by technology and comfort, as well as flexibility and openness to shared spaces.


bureau direction pieds bois plateau bois


The Viga range of operative desks harmoniously blends the raw, industrial lines of the aluminium beam with the warm, friendly wood used for the worktop and legs.

bureau direction oxford dvo

Oxford DV910

OXFORD is a directional system made up of a wide range of furnishing elements capable of meeting the most varied design requirements. Desks, sideboards, peninsulas, integrated modules, meeting tables and multifunctional consoles are all characterised by the same aesthetic feature: elementary geometries based on essential lines and shapes that intersect to create a highly elegant whole.


bureau direction sirio plateau sur crédence portante


The Sirio range of single desks is perfectly in tune with current design trends. The distinctive silhouette of the legs, the light, expressive shape and the fine materials create an inimitable ensemble. Also available with a return unit.