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the most convivial space, to concentrate or to converse

To inspire you, we present you with a selection of possible layouts for your lounge or coworking space, that friendly place in your company. The combinations of colours, shapes, sizes and standing are endless, so don't hesitate to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom or to contact us to fit out your premises. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.
Chaise Libera STUA accoudoirs en bois


Thanks to contemporary technology, the wooden surfaces are now tactile and organic. Following Mies Van Der Rohe's quote "God is in the details", Libera's frame has a classic shape, with details enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art technology.
The result is a chair with a striking silhouette and great ergonomics. Another new classic from the STUA collection.

Chaise polygon Prostoria accoudoirs en bois


POLYGON is an armchair with original and ergonomic lines, designed by the Numen / For Use collective.



Designed by Florent Coirier, the WABAO collection was born of a quest for refinement and beauty. Comprising four elements: chaise longue, armchair, pouffe and side table, this collection fuses elegance, durability and functionality. Its soft, captivating and organic lines radiate warmth and harmony, while offering pleasant comfort.


chaise cuir noir lounge Modell 1600 Girsberger

Modell 1600

Some furniture designs are so successful that they remain convincing even after decades. The revamped Modell 1600 presented by the Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger is one such example.


CHaise Orange Slice Artifort

Orange slice

Design by Pierre Paulin
The Orange Slice® armchair by designer Pierre Paulin is one of the most popular designer armchairs in the world. This iconic chair makes any room more open, spacious and cheerful. Anyone who sees several Orange Slice® chairs grouped together cannot fail to be touched by the playfulness of the composition.


Chaise slim lounge dossier bas

Slim lounge low

Small swivel armchair with automatic repositioning, 4-star base. Base in lacquered, polished or chromed cast aluminium. Shell in stamped polyurethane and metal frame, with back in lacquered plastic or upholstered in Camira or Kvadrat fabric or Pelle Frau leather.


Chaise Dunas dossier haut Inclass


The Dunas armchair can easily be used in waiting areas to talk, wait or simply read.


Chaise Libel lounge


Design by René Holten
Libel is an elegant, sculptural and welcoming armchair by designer René Holten. Holten: "Good design must have an individuality that attracts people.
The playful lines combined with a brightly coloured fabric are characteristic. Libel is an eye-catcher in meeting rooms and offices, hotels and restaurants, but also in the home.

Chaise Soft Facet artifort


Design by Scholten & Baijings
Soft Facet is a comfortable and inviting lounge chair that stands out for its rich detailing. Its open, inviting shape resembles a soft embrace of stitched geometric fabric, inviting you to sit back, relax and daydream. This feeling is enhanced by the fact that the entire contour of the wooden shell is padded with foam, providing gentle support for the body, neck and head and adapting comfortably to the user's sitting position.


Chaise Nube Stua gris foncé


The design of the Nube chair combines the strict orthodoxy of contemporary spaces with the shapes of the human body. The outer surfaces of the Nube chair are made of flat, parallel parts, while the seat is curved like a nest. The softly contoured seat and backrest form a shell. The roundness of the seat invites and welcomes visual comfort before physical comfort.

Chaise Aril Casala


A true model of lightness, Aril is a flexible seat that goes beyond a simple stool. Its backrest is an elegant interpretation of a cape. With its sleek design, Aril blends perfectly into any space. Its compact appearance conceals generous seating comfort. Aril makes an elegant addition to any interior.


Chaise Danesa Mobles114


Designed by JM Massana and JM Tremoleda, Danesa is a very comfortable armchair inspired by Nordic designs with a strong contemporary and timeless accent.

Chaise Capsule Casala


Capsule Lounge has a more open character thanks to its half-convex shape, making it ideal for meetings and informal exchanges. Its iconic design gives each space a warm, modern atmosphere.


Arca rockingchair

ARCA Rockingchair

Available in 3 versions that can be combined with many basic types. The family is made up of the Lounge, Small and Mini versions to meet all needs depending on the type of environment, from the waiting room to the relaxation area, from the informal meeting area to the conference table, while maintaining stylistic coherence between environments.


Slim lounge alias chaise lounge

Slim lounge high

Chair with "T" ( or "Y" ) shaped armrests, swivel base with automatic repositioning with 4 arms. Base in lacquered, polished or chrome-plated cast aluminium. Shell in stamped polyurethane and metal structure, with back in lacquered plastic material or Camira® or Kvadrat® fabric covering.


Kimera Kastel fauteuil d'accueil


Design executive chair with high or low backrest, shell with leatherette or leather upholstery in many colours. Various base options (polypropylene, aluminium, painted aluminium, etc.) Synchronous mechanism in several positions or simple permanent contact.


Kontrapunkt chaise avec rpose pied en cuir prostoria


The design of the Kontrapunkt, a chair that converts into a recliner, explores the possibility of creating an alternative to the standard type of cumbersome recliner. This has been achieved by using armrests as part of the innovative mechanism that maintains the extension of the leg-lift and tilts the backrest into the correct position. The ultimate comfort experience can be further moderated by feather layers and height adjustments for the headrest cushion.


A generous and charismatic lounge chair.
The refined details of Glider can be admired from any angle, even from the back, making this armchair perfect for open spaces. 

ICF Valea lounge

VALEA Lounge

The elegance of the aluminium structure of this chair in high or low back version.


Tao Lounge True design


In fact, it's precisely the T-shaped support of the backrest that we've focused our attention on. The concept is clearly based on the recovery of a classic style, typical of the design of the 50s and 60s. The two wooden shells joined by the metal frame are an image that we all remember, from everyday examples such as school chairs and Nordic bistro chairs to the immortal Eames masterpieces.


Moon artifort fauteuil


With its comfortable, luxurious look and ergonomic seating, Moon is perfect for a variety of spaces, from lobbies and libraries to hotels and offices, right through to your own home. Take a seat. Convert. Wait. Read. This chair is modern art that provides a sense of security and relaxation.


Mushroom Artifort jaune


Part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Simply on sale near you. The Mushroom® armchair (F560) for every occasion. Sensitive but strong. Art that remains comfortable.

True design Fender Fauteuil


The emblematic Fender armrest has given rise to a range of armchairs, small armchairs and seats.

Small, compact, enveloping and comfortable.
Steel structures wrapped in soft polyurethane foam, perfect for correct posture and comfort over time, covered in precious or technical fabrics.
No limits to style and applications.


Canapé Gabo Casala


This elegant range of sofas combines privacy, good acoustics and ergonomic comfort. The Gabo range includes an armchair, a chaise longue, a sofa, a corner bench, an ottoman and a modular programme. Gabo, available with or without risers, is suitable for both domestic and professional use. On Gabo Lounge, the softness of the rounded lines is underlined by a thicker seat cushion and a deeper seat. Gabo and Gabo Lounge are ideal for entrances and reception areas.


fauteuil Omnia Inclass


With its elegant silhouette and comfortable character, Omnia is equally suited to formal and informal interiors. The addition of a connector/additional element and a rectangular layout makes it possible to create spatial configurations in which, by linking the armchairs together, it is possible to create a free, grid-like plane, which then gives the freedom to change the orientation in the desired direction.


Incylce family true design

INCYCLE - family

The range of footstools: fully sustainable. 90-95% of the components used for Incycle come from post-consumer recycled materials. A justified contribution to the circular economy, given the large volumes of upholstered seating.


true design DNA Curve


Inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetics, the DNA modular bench consists of a single element made of curved wooden plywood, assembled in a specular fashion.