Electric height-adjustable desks

Change your position more often

Unleash your inner dynamo! Change your working position more often with an electrically adjustable desk. CEKA Belgium offers a range of sit-stand desks that meet the standards to fit your budget. A design and furniture that fits you, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information on our sit-stand furniture solutions. CEKA Belgium also offers work chairs or stools for this purpose.

Meet and SEAT

Meet & Seat combines ergonomic working, clever storage, lounge furniture and space for spontaneous meetings in a single product. The freely selectable configurations offer countless possibilities for designing workstations, meeting islands, free-standing project islands and central areas. Here, apparent contradictions become complementary features. Concentration and collaborative working all in one place.

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STYLEs "easy"

For simple shapes, with a T-base, STYLES "easy" is the perfect answer to your ergonomic needs. Ideal to adapt to the new "NWoW" or flex desk trend.



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STYLES "work"

For more complex shapes, with a T-base, STYLES "work" is the perfect answer to your ergonomic needs. Ideal to adapt to the new trend of "NWoW" or flex desk in coworking spaces. Allows more options than the easy collection.


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STYLES "bench"

For simple shapes, with a special base for double desks, STYLES "bench" is the perfect answer to your ergonomic needs. Ideal to adapt to the new "NWoW" or flex desk trend.


bureau assis-debout vitalform ceka


Long before the year 2000, CEKA understood the importance of being able to vary the height of the workstation at any time, depending on the user and the type of task. C-frames connected by a horizontal crossbar. Vitalform was the first series developed by CEKA and is still the number one solution today.


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The new RENZ desk offers outstanding ergonomics thanks to its sleek finish and chrome base. Electrically adjustable in height, this desk has everything to please.

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The electrically height adjustable SLIDE desk is part of the new collection of the German manufacturer RENZ. New design materials are available.

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Compact height-adjustable desk

The compact desk is a mobile workspace with ergonomic dimensions. The height of the work surface can be adjusted electrically or pneumatically, giving the user great flexibility.


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Sit-Stand LINAK

Ergonomics at the workplace
The desk is electrically height-adjustable, with an anti-collision sensor and a soft start/stop function to ensure smooth movement of the tabletop. 


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HW Drive

By allowing users to adjust the position of the table Ogi Drive at a comfortable height for sitting and standing, MDD promotes health-oriented workplaces.


bureau assis-debout deux hauteurs active desk aeris

Active Office Desk

Aeris Active Office desks combine dynamic working with a unique design and allow you to move intuitively at any time without having to interrupt your work - it's up to you! Configure your height-adjustable desk now and discover the endless possibilities of the new Aeris Active Office.


bureau assis-debout gravity meuble retour plateau portant


Stability and comfort while defying gravity - Gravity is a modern vision of the executive desk. The minimalist form, inspired by the essence of modern architecture, has been integrated with technology. Its large tabletop, resting on a single support point, and the invisible structure are reminiscent of a levitating surface, while the electric height adjustment ensures ergonomic working and a smooth change of sitting and standing position. The Gravity range is completed by an electrically height-adjustable conference table, a coffee table, and modular storage units that offer coherence to your interior. A unique and daring proposal for executive furniture, for contemporary leaders.


bureau assis-debout direction mito drive


Elegant, prestigious and affordable executive furniture. The design of this executive furniture range combines wood with a lacquered finish.