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How do you arrange your workspace?

Setting up a business centre, coworking space, office space, meeting rooms or even a company restaurant or home office is a real human adventure. The success of the project depends on listening to and understanding the customer's requirements and various constraints. It involves reconciling individual tastes and colours. It depends on the ‘product mix’ to be offered: open or closed office, individual or collective, etc. The furnishings will constitute a veritable assortment of products offered to employees or customers. The whole must fit together to create a feeling of well-being at work. This is our daily mission, and here are a few examples.

A satisfied customer! Thank you for your encouragement, which helps us to move forward!

"We would like to thank CEKA Belgium for their expert advice and professionalism. The result is superb and the feedback from the other employees has been very positive... So much so that we could consider other similar arrangements...

Merci encore !"

"Hello Sir,
I have received the support I requested and would like to thank you for your promptness.
I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your after-sales service and will be sure to publicise it.
Have a good WE
P.V. Architect"