Coat racks, umbrella stands and decorative accessories

porte manteaux parapluie yin manade


The story of the Yin coat rack is above all the story of a beautiful encounter. Under the pencil of designer Emmanuel Gallina, sheet steel takes on the form of a finely crafted object in 3 dimensions, thanks to our expertise in working with steel.


porte manteaux parapluie  bamboo cascando


Bamboo 1, Bamboo 3 / steel finish, 5 or 15 hooks,
synthetic hook and base
powder coated. Steel finish,
5 synthetic hooks, the hooks are slightly lighter
slightly lighter than the tube and base,
HxWxD (cm) 178x33x33 / 177x55x33cm


porte manteaux parapluie  stand alone cascando


The Standalone coat stand simply rests on the wall.
The curved shape of the upright and the rubber sleeves at the base ensure perfect stability.
Polished aluminium finish. 


porte manteaux parapluie  tree couleur cascando


Tolomeo design desk lamp. Now available with LED lamps.


porte manteaux parapluie forc mobles 114


Coat rack in varnished beech and white painted steel
steel structure.
Lagranja Design is a design studio founded in Barcelona in 2002 by Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon.


porte manteaux parapluie bend cascando


The BEND coat rack is made up of folded metal uprights that are attractively joined together.
Coats can be hung from the carefully rounded ends of the strips or from the polished aluminium hooks that connect the uprights.
Here too, a subtle detail on the base links the uprights together harmoniously.
Bend is available in fresh white, cheerful yellow and robust grey. 


porte manteaux parapluie  fuse cascando


Fuse is a fusion of beautifully crafted oak uprights and carefully rounded steel coat hooks.
Fuse also has a large capacity: coats can be hung on the large hooks at the top of the uprights or on the
small hooks in between.
Colour combinations mean that Fuse can be used in a variety of interiors, from the most colourful to the most minimalist.
A stable coat rack with a robust appearance. 


porte manteaux parapluie  kendo cascando


Kendo is an iconic coat rack designed from a simple starting point: carefully crafted oak strips beautifully arranged at a height of 1.5 metres.


porte manteaux parapluie flow square cascando


With its eight large hooks at the top and small hooks at the bottom, the Flow Square is both attractive and practical.


porte manteaux parapluie  plus cascando


Plus is a clever and inventive coat rack. The hangers and hooks are placed inside the platform. This gives a restful look at eye level and a clean look to every space. Even when filled with coats and jackets, the straight, minimalist lines of this loop-shaped platform remain visible.

porte manteaux parapluie  pole cascando


Pole is a sturdy, user-friendly steel coat rack with space for eight to ten layers. Play around with the three powder coat finishes available to give Pole a completely different look.