Acoustic Solutions

for ideal concentration and comfort

To inspire you, we present you with a selection of modular acoustic solutions. The combinations of colours, shapes, sizes and materials are endless, so don't hesitate to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom in Auderghem or to contact us to choose an acoustic wall, ceiling or totem panel for example. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also buy on the online shop.

satellite stua modules acoustiques


Combination of 4 acoustic panel modules, of different sizes, arranged at different depths and in the desired orientation by means of a notched metal plate on the back of the panel. Various fabric colours available to suit your ambience.

acoustique mural rosso acoustic


Rosso acoustic technology allows you to create acoustics in your rooms with custom-made panels in the desired shape and in harmony with the room. The wide range of colours allows you to incorporate the acoustic elements directly into the decoration of the room.


Rosso acoustic PAD

pad R/Q or PAD Light R/Q

With ROSSO acoustic PAD, you can combine the brightness of LED technology with the comfort of a unique acoustic ceiling solution.

Soundwave offecct


Acoustic wall panel 60x60 in recycled materials and different designs. Finished in Offwhite, light grey or anthracite or covered with fabric (on request)

elements acoustique mural


Elements is a modular acoustic solution for walls and ceilings. The Elements design process has been approached from a practical point of view. The panels can be screwed or glued to the wall or ceiling. The individual strips are snapped into the support panel, making installation quick and unobtrusive. The strips can be filled with PET wool for a higher acoustic value. The elements absorb ambient noise and prevent reverberation. Thanks to Elements' many design options, you're sure to find the right design for your space.

flexswall ceka acoustique mobile


Dynamic, removable acoustic panels. With optional double-sided whiteboard.

honey acoustique


Hexagon-shaped acoustic screen panel in various colours.

the rising gotessons acoustique

the rising

A floor screen that you can raise and lower freely to the desired height. Ideal in a traditional office environment when you want to work quickly and easily without disruption and in an open landscape to change the layout of the room. The rise is patent pending

peka gotessons acoustique cloisons


Peak Design Booth is a booth solution with a slightly angled screen to create a dynamic and open feel. The booth is equipped with a zip for endless combinations.

plant divider gotessons

Plant divider

The Plant Divider is a fabric-covered room divider that can be combined with plants. Thanks to the 30 mm thick acoustic panels, this partition contributes to a better sound environment. It is mounted on lockable castors and is very easy to move.

screenit gotessons acoustique


30 or 40mm thick acoustic screen panels. Two heights of 65 or 80cm to be placed facing the desk. Different widths and colours. Available with peripheral seam or with zip.

snowsound art


A series of Snowsound Art sound-absorbing panels on which drawings are reproduced.


neotex ceka acoustique


NEO-TEX cladding can be used in a wide range of applications, such as free-standing mobile panels, screen panels on desks, sliding panels on rails and sliding or shutter cabinet doors.

wind offecct panneau acoustique


WIND by Jin Kuramoto of OFFECCT: These partitions are more a concept than an isolated product. They can be seen as a celebration of the beauty of nature - a forest of organic forms that also control the acoustics as a kind of tuner, and make the environment more pleasant and friendly.

Pilow cascando acoustique

Pilow Space


Pillow Space is a mobile, acoustic divider for any open space. The left or right side can be equipped with a hanging rail, shelves, brochure panels and/or door panels. The top end can also be fitted with an integrated planter. The drawers will help you keep your desk neat and tidy, while the lockers will hold your personal belongings. Thanks to the integrated LCD screens, you can give your presentation wherever you want. And the full-size whiteboard can be used for brainstorming sessions with your colleagues.



Line éclairage acousitque


Line is a technical lamp with a high acoustic rating, suitable for a desk, work table, dining table or kitchen island thanks to its minimalist luminaire with a PET Felt look.

What's more, Line can be perfectly suspended between our PET Felt Baffle panels. A discreet, acoustic light feature without having to compromise on light output or sound absorption.

wave panneaux suspendus acoustiques


Wave is a PET felt partition offering acoustic and visual privacy. Wave panels are structured to offer a degree of transparency and privacy. The panels are suspended from the ceiling by a steel wire or fixed to rails. Our Wave panels are available in 8 standard designs and 39 different colours. We can also customise these dividers with your own design or logo! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

alcove acoustique


FOCUS is a mobile workstation designed to provide a private and serene working experience. This innovative and unique workstation, mounted on castors, not only provides a visual haven, but also real peace of mind while you work. Manufactured with acoustic excellence in mind, FOCUS is covered with a high quality felt that creates an acoustically favourable environment, reducing distractions and promoting concentration.





Acoustic sofa with wooden frame and upholstered with sound-absorbent technopolymer padding, covered with Snowsound-Fiber Textiles 3 Melange or 6 Velvet fabric.

"We didn't think so much of a sofa, but rather of a silent character who solemnly occupies corners, usually spaces in search of a destination, and who asserts a strong stage presence while making a valuable contribution to the acoustic comfort of the community. When he is reunited with other members of his family, he gathers with them to form islands, limit spaces or open up perspectives as noble as himself: Snowking!"
(Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quaquaro)

niva gotessons


The idea was to create a sound absorber where design was as important as function. The result is an exciting and variable wall module of polyester fibre with a flocked surface at different levels.

giotto wall acoustique


Giotto is a line of oval or circular Snowsound sound-absorbing panels, available in two versions: Giotto ceiling, suspended from the ceiling by means of height-adjustable cables, and Giotto wall, with a special steel wall support that holds the interlocking panel from a central opening.


plant wall gotessons


rideaux acoustiques


For Clasp divider, Snowsound Fiber acoustic fabric envelops a modular structure made of chromed metal suspended from cables with a height adjustment system. Thanks to the metal joints, the structure can be freely configured to create an infinite number of compositions. The fabric is removable

PET felt


PET Felt is a new refreshing material made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). At least 60% of a panel is made from recycled fibres, this percentage varying according to the colour.

PET felt is a ready-to-use acoustic panel material. It is soft, strong and durable. Thanks to these physical properties, it is easy to process and apply without costly constructions or materials. The panels are also suitable for printing.

For a number of reasons, PET felt is the ideal solution for today's demand for sustainable materials. Without having to choose between flexibility, shape or colour.


sound off

Sound off

Sound off is an acoustic ceiling system created by Gotessons, offering a range of suspended circles to absorb noise in a reception area while remaining discrete. Sound off is available with or without lighting to best suit your needs.

snowpouf acoustique


Comfortable sound-absorbing elements, upholstered in Snowsound Fiber 3 Melange fabric, with internal padding in sound-absorbing technopolymers and wood material. The Snowpouf collection includes footstools in different sizes and a coffee table with a light oak tabletop. Snowpouf is easy to move thanks to an elegant fabric strap. Snowpouf, in the single-seater, oval two-seater and small table versions, is now available upholstered in the new Snowsound Fiber 12 ECONYL® fabrics.