bench operative offices

for cooperative or coworking spaces.

To inspire you, we present you with a selection of operational, sit-stand, height adjustable and modular office furniture. In office furniture, the combinations of colours, shapes and ergonomics are countless, so don't hesitate to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom in Auderghem or to contact us. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

bureau bench op-lite peds bois K carré plateau bois structure colorée

Op-lite II Wood K

Op-Lite Bench is the ideal solution for modern offices. Its distinctive feature is the square wooden leg, which adds warmth and naturalness to the working environment.

bureau agile bench sur armoire oprteuse plateau bois pieds blancs armoires de rangement table de réunion


This complete programme offers different board thicknesses and finishes.

Italian materials and manufacture.

bureau pigreco pieds loop O bench plateau bois pieds grais anthracite

Pigreco Loop

Pigreco Loop has a quick and easy to assemble structure, available in 3 standard finishes white, black or titanium, or lacquered, - and by a central beam that can be equipped for electrification.

The tops are available in 30 mm thick lacquer or melamine.


bureau bench pigreco pieds bois 4 postes cloison jaune moutarde plateau blanc


The Pigreco bench desk for 4 persons will find its place in different environments such as coworking or open-spaces.


Bureau EM bench pied Q fermé sur armoire rangement porteuse

Q-eM Bench

Q-eM Bench desks are designed for people who appreciate good office organisation combined with aesthetic solutions.

bureau op-lite bench pieds bois O rond plateau blanc structure colorée pieds bois

Op-lite II Wood O Bench

Op-Lite Bench is the ideal solution for modern offices. Its distinctive feature is the round wooden leg, which adds warmth and naturalness to the working environment.

bureau OGI pieds Y bench


A classic proposition, OGI Y is built from simple shapes. Its timeless design offers a wide range of styling options, and is suitable for open, shared and home workspaces. The option of adding a screen divider, available in a wide range of finishes, is also an opportunity to equip your workstation with accessories that will make your daily tasks more efficient and give you the pleasure of a job well done.


bureau OGI pieds W bois bench plateau noir structure noire


The OGI W operative desk combines the aesthetics of wood with metal. The warmth of natural ash adds a cosy touch to the home office, and the available features add to the ergonomics of the workstation, a real asset for pleasant and efficient work.
bureau OGI bench pieds A plateau gris structure grise


The Ogi A series is characterised by its sloping metal base. The generous cross-section of the base profile provides a sense of stability and offers a clean, efficient design. The shared structure programme avoids visual overload, and provides access to spaces dedicated to the exchange between employees.


bureau bench co-working table de réunion collaboratif plateau bleu pieds bois multi utilisaterus


PFlex is a system of tables designed to meet the needs of modern offices. The drawn aluminium legs, in oval or rectangular shapes, create a play of lines and light. Thanks to its modularity, you can customise the depth, width and finishes of the system to suit any workspace. PFlex's accessories and electrification solutions make it ideal for operational offices, executive desks and modular meeting tables. The use of sustainable materials, such as fully recyclable extruded aluminium, meets environmental requirements. With three different heights and a maximum depth of two metres, PFlex offers strength and flexibility.

bureau EM bench pieds F plateau bois structure anthracite cloison écran

F-eM Bench

The F-eM Bench multi-person stations are an interesting combination of aesthetics and comfort.


Pour une plus grande liberté d'aménagement. Différents matériaux, des couleurs et des formes inspirantes - Slide offre tout ce qu'il faut pour un aménagement personnalisé. L'élément constant est le profilé en U des pieds de table. Une forme élégante et légère qui a une fonction : le profilé permet de guider et de dissimuler les câbles. Les plateaux et les pieds de table peuvent être choisis en ton sur ton ou en couleurs contrastées.